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Create Team Member

To create a new Team Member item, navigate in WordPress Dashboard to Team members > Add New.


The Add New Team member page will show. Add the details for the team member.

  1. Title - The name of the team member.

  2. Editor container - You can add here the role of the team member that will be shown in the website.

  3. Team options

    • Position - Team member’s position in the company.
    • Facebook URL - Team member’s facebook account.
    • Twitter URL - Team member’s twitter account.
    • Instagram URL - Team member’s instagram account.
    • LinkedIn URL - Team member’s LinkedIn account.
    • Skills - Skill the team member have. Add new skills or delete existing ones.
  4. Team Categories

  5. Featured Image - Team members picture that will be shown in the site.

After adding all the details, click on Publish button to save.